Dec 22 2009

Debian packages for chromium-browser.

One of the side effects of the Ubuntu community being so large, is that it’s now commonplace for software to get packaged for Ubuntu before (and sometimes _long_ before) it makes it into Debian.

That’s been the case so far for chromium, the open source browser sposored by google. But I’ve been wanting to try it. So I went ahead and used the chromium-daily source repository from the Ubuntu PPA and built an amd64 package for Debian testing.

It seems to work fine:
Though I have’nt exactly put it through it’s paces yet. And it took me a minute to find how to make it use the local gtk theme (brown of course!).

Also debuting today is:

You can follow the instructions there to add the tpl repository to your sources.list, or feel free to just grab the binaries: