Apr 1 2010

Changing Tack

Well struggling with silly ideas like freedom and autonomy have taken up a really significant amount of my time and mental energy over the last few years.

Today inspired by some wise words from one of my ettiquette coaches,

I’ve decided to take a little different direction with my “online presence” such as it is.

This will be the last post from my autonomously hosted website. In the future if you’re interested in seeing what I’m up to please visit my new website:


I’m also on twitter, and foursqualor.com ( The second most popular site on the internet!)

So if you also have no concerns about who owns and controls your personal data”>concerns about who owns and controls your personal data, I encourage you to join me in using whichever thing that’s a lot like the World Wide Web but is less powerful has some php doodads, and includes spying for free, that is popular this year.

BTW, does anyone have a gmail invite I could get? Thanks.